Lillet Grande Reserve 2012

Carefully selected AOC wines blended with fruit macerations makes this beauty exceptional! For 12 months, it’s left to mature in barrels ensuring the aromatic finesse. Just like the rest of us, it improves with age and can be kept for 15 – 20 years. Tell the age from the colour as it turns to a beautiful straw yellow with the years.


Enjoy the round, full & balanced sensation provided by the fruit macerations. It’s slightly floral with just a twist of passion fruit that with age will develop into candied orange, then pine resin.
The finish is exceptionally long, but not in the very boring way, oh no, this one is elegant & much appreciated.

Product details
Name Lillet Grande Reserve 2012 - Wine based aperitif
Brand Lillet
Country of origin France
Alcohol by volume % 17
Manufacturer Lillet Frères, Podensac, France
Nutritional information volumeFor10gAlcohol : 10
calories : 96
sugar : 6.8
fat : 0
saturates : 0
carbs : 0
proteins : 0
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Lillet Rosé
lillet rouge
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